BeYOUtiful Membership



The following products and services are not included in 10% off

  • Anesthesia
  • Prescriptions (any medication/skin care product requiring prescription)
  • Online purchases of ZO Skin Health – made through ZO skin website
  • Gift Cards

10% off CAN NOT be combined with other discounts. Please always give your beYOUtiful member the best discount (sometimes it might be 10% off, other times it may be a special price or event offer)

Brilliant Distinctions & Galderma Aspire Rewards – 10% off can be used along with Brilliant Distinctions & Galderma Aspire Reward Points.

  • Apply points to the full cost of the product/procedure
  • Apply 10% off to remaining cost of product/procedure

Example: Procedure is $200. I have $20 in BD Points. Apply $20 credit to $200 procedure. $180 remaining. Now apply 10% off – total taken off is $18. (If 10% off is applied first, total taken off would be $20 – we make more money when the 10% off goes at the end).


BeYOUtiful Bucks – 10% off can be used along with BeYOUtiful Bucks. Please follow same process outlined above. Apply beYOUtiful bucks, then apply 10% discount on remaining total.



ONLY BEYOUTIFUL MEMBERS can use beYOUtiful bucks.

Loyalty Points will display across everyone in PatientNow because PatientNow automatically calculates a point for every $50 spent across all patients. Only BeYOUtiful members can use their points towards purchases


NON-BEYOUTIFUL & EXPIRED MEMBERS can accumulate beYOUtiful Bucks all year, but will not be able to use them unless they are an active member.

***THIS IS A GREAT SELLING OPPORTUNITY*** – “If you upgrade to a beYOUtiful membership today you already have $35 in beYOUtiful bucks you can apply today toward your Botox treatment and then you will accumulate even more Bucks.


$1 BeYOUtiful Buck for every $50 spent on CLC services/products in store. They will not receive points for any purchases that are not run through patient now (like purchasing directly from the ZO Skin website).

Can I use beYOUtiful Bucks to buy my beYOUtiful card? You can NOT buy a beYOUtiful card with beYOUtiful bucks. It has to be real money.

Do I get beYOUtiful Bucks for purchasing a card. Yes, you will get approximately $5 in BB when you purchase your card. You will also get to keep any of the beYOutiful bucks in your account.



To apply Beautiful Bucks all you have to do is hit the Apply Payment and then click on Awards points and it will take the amount off the total payment. It is just this easy.

Amount 1


Free gifts cannot be exchanged for another product or returned for cash value. Gifts must be used during the membership (1-year). Gifts not used in that time frame are lost. Gifts cannot be carried over to a second-year membership.

  • 1 Free ZO Skin Peel
  • 1 Free Vitamin Package (Lipo B12, Super B12, Vitamin D)
  • 1 Free RF Accent
  • Free 30 units of Dysport


Free coupons Gifts are for the beYOUtiful member’s friends and family. These are not for the beYOUtiful member to use but are created with the purpose of driving new clients to are clinics. Someone using these coupons should call ahead.



  • 1 Card
  • 3 B12 Coupons
  • 1  Peel Coupon
  • Gold Envelope
beautiful 2



Every beYOUtiful member can add up to 3 people to their beYOUtiful card for $199/person. The additional person can take advantage of the discounts and gets their own set of free gifts (Jessner’s Chemical Peel, Vitamin Package, RF Accent, 30 Units of Dysport). They will be given their own card package – card & coupons. Their membership will expire 1 year from the date of their membership addition



Sally joins Feb 1, 2018 for $299 – sally gets an envelope with beyoutiful card and coupons. Her membership expires Feb 1, 2019

Bob, Sally’s Husband joins March 1, 2018 for $199 – Bob gets an envelope with beyoutiful card and coupons. His membership expires March 1, 2019.

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