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Fat transfers are a more natural approach to breast augmentation. For this procedure, the patient’s fat cells are extracted by liposuction: typically from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or an area with unwanted/excess fat. The fat is purified and re-injected into the patient’s breasts, resulting in a very natural-looking enhancement.


Benefits of this procedure include: 


  • Soft and natural breast

  • Your body tissue is used instead of synthetic/foreign materials

  • Unwanted/excess fat is removed, resulting in slimming an additional problem area

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Before & Afters

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Patient Success Stories...

Morgan B.
Morgan B.Fat Transfer to Breast
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Still healing but already love my results. Even with the swelling and tightness, I can wear clothes that looked gross on me before. My bras fit great from the fat transfer and no longer deflated looking. I know it's too early to tell full results, but so far so good. My kids are very worth all the sacrifices made to my body and they are my everything, but I am one happy Mommy to have been able to do this for me! Thanks CLC!
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